Salaried Unhappy

Salaried Unhappy !

If you are not happy or salaried unhappy must read this Story !


It is not me who is earning. It’s my husband. And, I am very happy with everything I have.

When I got married in Jan 2012, he was earning 45k per month. When my marriage(arrange marriage) was getting fixed, my uncle was not satisfied with his (my husband’s) salary. He agreed by thinking that he and I together could do it. I was a software engineer earning 25k per month.

But, my personal choice was to stay with husband after marriage. To make this happen, I had to leave my job and city.

We booked an apartment (under construction) for 35 lakh in Sep 2012. Fortunately then only, I got a job in education sector (I didn’t want IT again) for 30k per month. By taking some money from parents, we paid initial amount and continued with home loan.

We were living in a small apartment. it had a very small kitchen and almost no furniture in house. Sometimes I used to feel frustrated in the house and wished for bigger house. But I could console myself with my upcoming new flat.

Things changed. My husband got US visa. I am here in US for 4.5 years now. He is earning 4000$ per month. 1000$ goes in rent. I don’t have exact calculation of taxes, insurance etc. I know that if we don’t do any big expense, we save 1000$ a month.

My husband feels sad when he sees people earning lots of money or husband and wife both working here in US. He wished he could have more money so that he would not have to think several times before buying a good phone ( like iphone) or going out on a long vacation.

I never had this feeling. I believe that you will always have this desire of more money because you think of higher than you can afford to have.

Being on dependent visa, I couldn’t work here and I never thought of because I have a 4 year old to take care of.

We have paid the home loan and bought couple of small lands (In India). We have visited all major tourist places in USA. Now we are planning to go back to India. We don’t have more than 6 lakhs rupees to take but I hope that we can at least do the initial set up and pay my son’s school fee.

We didn’t really earn a lot but I feel that we saved if we could. So I don’t say that I can go and buy a villa in India, but I have a beautiful son and a healthy, happy and lovely family to live with!

Thank You!