How to Stay good looking?

How  to stay good looking?


When I read the question how to stay good looking ,I couldn’t not think of Jared Leto.

I have always admired him, having picked himself up and his family from poverty from an early age, building 2 prominent careers in the process, and I was always amazed as to how he never seems to age, staying as good looking as he has always been throughout the years.

how to stay good looking

He was 44 years old in this photo, 46 now.

He is the best example of how to stay good looking forever.

If I didn’t know him I would say from this photo that this guy is in his early 30s.

When asked how he manages to look a decade younger than he actually is, he attributed it to sleeping well and following a strict diet of veganism and avoiding sugary foods from an early age, and of course exercising constantly. He also doesn’t smoke, or drink alcohol.

His answer was brief. He somehow summed up what he believed to be the most important factors that have helped him preserve his youthful looks.

Keeping your good looks requires maintaining your youth, and slowing the aging process. Being scared of aging myself I have picked up all of the things I learned to be helpful in that matter and tried to incorporate them in my life.

1- Keep watch of your diet and what you put in your body to stay good looking .

  • Depend more on plant based foods within a balanced diet that covers all your nutritional needs. The more you eat of them the better. Even if you are not a vegan or a vegetarian always try to eat more fruits, vegetables, and nuts than meat. They are the best thing you can eat. They are filled with anti oxidants, which are the best way to fight free radicals within our cells that contribute greatly to aging and damage of the cells. It is recommended to have 5 or more handful portions of them daily.
  • Avoid high glycemic index foods in your meals. Focus more on whole grain foods instead of high-carb foods. High-carb foods trigger secretion of high levels of insulin into the bloodstream. High insulin levels had been linked to acne, balding, and obesity.
  • Avoid sweets and sugar indulgence as much as you can. In addition to the mentioned effects of high blood insulin levels, sugar itself has been shown to make the skin age faster. It is claimed to attach to proteins in the bloodstream and create harmful molecules that damage collagen and elastin in the skin which results in wrinkles and sagging.

2- Follow intermittent fasting, calorie-restricted diets to stay good looking.

Get comfortable with being hungry, it won’t hurt. In fact it benefits your body. I know a lot of people who have a problem with feeling hungry like it is a forbidden feeling they need to avoid at all costs. Not only are they the ones who struggle to lose weight when they try to, but they are also missing out on the benefits. Fasting or restricting calories intake has been suspected to be one of the best ways to increase lifespan, slow aging, and improve health in general by altering some mechanisms inside our cells.

3- Avoid weight gain to stay good looking.

Not only does excess weight make us look older than our real age in appearance, it does actually age us more quickly on a cellular level.

Sometimes weight gain is unavoidable like in pregnancy. It is very important to try to lose the extra pounds as soon as possible. The more we delay the harder it gets, especially as we age.

4- Exercise regularly to stay good looking .

It is well known by now that exercise can slow aging. It has been claimed to preserve the length of telomeres on our chromosomes which become shorter as we age.

The key is to keep active and to stick to a schedule of 3 or more work-out sessions per week. Unfortunately mild to moderate exercises are not enough. If you don’t suffer you don’t gain. Resistance exercises like body pumping, and weight lifting have been shown to be the best to do the trick.

5- Don’t compromise your sleep needs to stay good looking.

Sleep provides an opportunity for the body to repair and rejuvenate itself. Also you don’t want to have eye bags and dark circles under your eyes due to the lack of sleep. Your body knows better what are your sleep needs. For instance I need 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night. I have been called lazy, a grumpy morning person, and many things, but I didn’t care, all I cared about was getting enough sleep every night, and I think this is what I did best to keep my body well maintained.

6- Avoid smoking, drugs, and alcohol to stay good looking.

Smoking is one of the worst thing you can do to your skin and teeth. wrinkles will form faster, and will be deeper. teeth will become more yellow and have discolorations which will be hard to reverse later in natural ways.

continuous consumption of alcohol and drugs have many harmful effects and may cause the skin to age faster and become more dry, red and puffy.

7- Avoid too much sun exposure to stay good looking.

Sun exposure is responsible for most of the visible aging signs of the skin, far more than all other factors. UV rays from the sun are the primary cause of wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots, reduced skin elasticity. Some people are obsessed with tanning, thinking it is attractive and healthy, while to some extent that is true, it should be done moderately and never to the face. In the end, pale firm and young looking skin is far more attractive than tanned, saggy, pigmented, and wrinkled skin. Trust me I’ve seen a lot of that here in the UAE. Never tan excessively, and always use sunscreen on your face, If you are worried about not getting enough Vitamin D there are always supplements.

8- Minimize stress, and adapt coping mechanisms to stay good looking.

Ever noticed how some people after having sustained a great deal of stress look suddenly older? Yes, stress does that to our bodies, so does depression and anxiety, which are considered to be forms of stress. Long periods of unresolved stress could cause premature aging, they could also cause more fat to be stored in the abdomen, making the body out of shape.

When stressed it is best you get to the main cause of the stress and resolve it. Apart from that yoga, meditation, exercises, long walks in nature, listening to music, going out with friends are all great ways to help you get through stressful times and minimize the stress response in your body.

9- Find social supportive connections with friends and family, and keep them to stay good looking.

Good relationships lead to a happier healthier life. They help us get through rough times, better cope with stress, and even avoid some stressful situations altogether. Keep in mind that the quality of relationships matters more than the quantity.

10- Listen to your body and don’t leave any physical ailments untreated to stay good looking.

90% of UAE population are vitamin D deficient according to research. I was one of them, and I didn’t know for a long time. The numbers are not better in other parts of the world. Why? Because it is rarely screened in the first place to be treated. This is one example, but there are so many things that could be going on in our bodies without us knowing about them. that is why it is very important to notice the signs your body is exhibiting when you don’t feel quite well and never ignore them. Any deficiencies or untreated illnesses will have an impact on the body’s well-being and overall state on the long run.

11- Take care of your skin with the right products and treatments to stay good looking.

Do your research to find about the best products to use for maintaining and keeping the hydration and vitality of your skin. There are plenty of hydrating, anti-aging creams that make a big difference in the appearance of the skin, especially when used early on.

Aim for the more organic, hypo-allergic makeup products. They might be more expensive, but they are a good investment for your skin.

12- Keep your facial muscles relaxed and practice face yoga to stay good looking.

The expressions you make with your face will form permanent lines in the skin as you age. Train yourself to keep your facial muscles relaxed. It will make you look more rested and youthful over time.

Face yoga is something I recently learned about. It is a combination of exercises you do with your face that supposedly keep you looking younger, tightening the jaw line, keeping the cheeks more lifted, and ultimately keeping your face in a good shape by training the right muscles. I am yet to try it but it seems to be worth a shot.

13- Take good care of your hygiene to stay good looking.

Don’t underestimate the importance of hygiene for better appearance. Keep good hygiene of your teeth, do regular thorough cleaning sessions at your dentist. Also keep your skin clean, don’t leave makeup on for long periods of time, that will lead to harmful effects.

14- Follow the recent trends with your grooming and clothing style to stay good looking.

Your sense of style says a lot about you. It can either make you or break you when it comes to your overall looks and appearance, and it can give indications to your age, more accurately your mental age, and how up to date and trendy you are.

Don’t be the person carrying the same clothing, hair, and make up style with you throughout the ages. There is a time and a place for everything. All the popular styles from 10 years ago belong only then and there.

I keep finding myself in discussions trying to convince many of the guys I know that beards are the hottest thing now, and they still argue that they are not trendy. I mean look at Jared leto! how attractive and trendy does he look with his beard?

Thank You!!