Do you afraid of body shaming?


Do you afraid of body shaming? then this is real story of Mr.James Noonan.I personally found it most inspirational one so sharing here for you.

I don’t normally answer questions like this, as I’ve spent considerable amount of time living in the denial of “fake your confidence” notion.

However I’ve come to the conclusion that people who are often the victim or target of bullying usually have more power to stand up to the bully.

Unfortunately, many are not able to express their courage due to being silenced, and dismissed from the trendy self fashion on social media.

Little backstory: I was born with a rare, but mild form of Sturge Weber Syndrome and Arteriovenous Malformation. I underwent many laser treatments growing up.

body shaming


And yes that’s a big danger noodle!

Due to the capillary over abundance on the left side of my face, my facial muscles take more efforts to maintain, and it’s often tiring to keep smiling or trying to make my face looking less creepy when it’s droopy.

Unfortunately my looks affect my security. I can’t go out and get a coffee without someone (even adults who don’t know their manners) stopping me in my tracks, asking me what’s wrong with my face.

Here are a few questions I get at least once a week.

“What happened to your lip?”

“What’s wrong with your face?”

“Get away from me!”

“Does your face hurt?”

Lovely, ain’t it? There are plenty others that I’m forgetting of, or having simply heard them so many times that they do not come to mind.

Now let’s talk about other features.

A better view of my eyes.

james body shaming

Yes that’s a snapchat filter, sue me.

I’m lucky in that department. These colors can swoon or hypnotize anyone. I appear to be interesting, and deep in thoughts, just by being quiet. Often people assume my mood or put their feelings on me because of my eyes alone. I never understood that part. But it’s nice to hear compliments from time to time.

Last week something happened and it went like this:

I’m talking to someone among a group of few people when, suddenly, a girl who I’ve never met before (holding a really cute puppy, too) jumped front of me, and points toward me, and let out loudly: “Those are beautiful”

Me: *stuttering and looking behind me*

“What?” *points to self*

Girl: “your eyes!”

That’s always a nice thing to hear.

Finally, I do pretty well in the physique department.

body shaming physique

So I can’t seem to find any pictures without my reptiles. I don’t like my picture taken.

Let’s talk about how it affects my life.

Pretty much the frustration and struggling is the constant reminder and questions from people ( who don’t know how to let me live my life) is the source of my constant avoidance of socializing.

I’m currently unemployed and have almost no desire to work in a line where I’m interacting with customers or a lot of coworkers. I used to lead a kitchen and the responsibility of keep it running fell solely on me. I end up quitting that job because I wasn’t able to implement any changes or routines that keep things running smoothly because none of the employees listened to me. Looks kinda play a part for my value to other people.

Maybe my staggering drawback in the looks department play a subconscious part in how people don’t take my management or leadership seriously. I don’t consider myself an assertive person so maybe confidence plays too. The lack of confidence probably rooted from my own physical deformity.

It affects how I interact with people and establish friendships due to the comfort level I have. It affects how others perceive me.

I’m sure I could go on forever on how it affects my dating life, confidence, and how I flirt because it’s hard for me to flirt without coming off as creepy, since my looks are factored in at how people perceive what I say.

Thank You!!