Are you Loneliest Person on Earth

Are you Loneliest Person on Earth?

If you think you are loneliest person on planet you read this story.

I am 27 year old female. Soon to be 28…

I have always been an introverted person..So I never made many friends,just 2- 3 in School/College.As I am answering this question so it’s apparent I am not in regular touch with them and I am single,always have been..

To give you a fair idea of my loneliness, my schedule as below :

Over weekdays:

  1. I get up at 7:30 am. I brush my teeth and switch on the geyser. I heat one cup of water and open my mobile to check if any messages ..Mostly none except for office group if some issues overnight/early morning. I open twitter to check news. I am a news junkie be it sports, politics or entertainment world. Cook also comes around same time. She starts cooking after discussing that day breakfast and lunch choices. It’s to be noted I have never twitted myself even after being there for 8 years now. I just read, my account is private.
  2. I take bath by 8:20..Then I do my daily prayers I am done by 8:40. Cook would have left by then most of the times.
  3. I make tea for myself, heat the breakfast item again.Sit in drawing room , switch on TV news channel or again twitter various news channel handles. I am done by 9 am.
  4. I get ready by combing my hair and applying moisturizer. Wearing my footwear. Take my packed lunch and book auto/cab and leave for office.
  5. I reach office by 9:30 am .I live near by (within 4 km of office). I am at lead position in my office. I read my mails along with marking the actionable mails.
  6. I start taking actions on those mails along with supervising regular day to day work from my team members. If strength is less on some day I work on those regular day to day work then work on other items.
  7. I have my lunch at 2 pm in pantry alone and come back to desk at 2:20 pm.
  8. I start working on other items.sometimes I listen to few songs on headphones for 30 -40 mins not at a stretch.
  9. I am generally free by 5 pm. However I take up few other analysis tasks on my own and leave the office by 6 pm
  10. After reaching home by 6:25 pm Earlier I used to go to gym for one hour.I have not renewed my membership yet for this week.
  11. I organize my bag, bed and room and change into my night clothes.
  12. I read news or some Thai/Korean/Chinese series for 30 mins – hour.
  13. My mom dad will call me around 7:00 pm. We will talk for 10–15 Mins.Sometimes my siblings call me too, if they need some advise or help. If I don’t get call my parents by 7:30 pm then I call them.
  14. I have my dinner at 7:30 pm -8:00 pm.
  15. After that sometimes I watch TV if some serial is showing good track or watch some news for 30 -45 mins
  16. I will read twitter and quora for 1 hour watch youtube old pop songs or some interesting videos or some thai/Korean/chinese drama till 11–11:30 pm. Then I will sleep.

Over weekends:

1.I sleep till 8:30. Cook also comes around same time. I will brush and have hot water and read news.

2. I will have breakfast by 9:30. Then I will start cleaning my room. I will gather all the clothes which need to get washed.

3. I will dip them in detergent solution and start watching thai/Korean/chinese series.

4. Vegetable vendor will come at 10:30. I will buy vegetables for a week.

5. I will switch on the geyser around 11:00. Take bath around 11:30 wash clothes and put them under sun for drying and sit under sun with mobile, fruits.

5. I will have lunch at 1:00 pm under Sun only. I will be sitting there with mobile only youtube, twitter, quota.

6. I will get up from there at 3:30. I will organize my room.

7. 5 around I will go for weekly grocery. Sometimes I go to temple also.

8. I come back and have my daily prayers by 6:30 pm.

9. I watch tv then along with my dinner. Then after that I am on twitter/quota.

10. I am slept by 11–11:30 pm.

On some days after 3 -4 months I go for shopping on my own..I don’t need to go often as when I go to my hometown my mom will get all necessary things from there itself.

Regarding hobbies, I love reading though I have not read many books yet …but from Now onwards, I am going to read on routine basis.

Yes, I am an Engineer and currently working in IT company.

I am an Indian as somebody has put up that question.

Regarding marriage , my parents are looking for boys since 10 months (started then as one of my elder cousin was yet to be married) , things have not gone to stage for girl boy meeting with anybody. Thanks all for your suggestions and good wishes. So I am not anti-marriage. I and my parents are very cautious . Guys we zeroed down have not liked my profile. And I don’t feel angry at all for this, just like the way we check profile we get from anybody and accept/reject it. Everyone has right to have life partner of their choice be it money, looks, nature , job level, family background or anything. It just that be clear about it don’t cheat/lie about it atleast to the person you are marrying to. And don’t give lectures about your greatness in office/college. It’s always better to say no before meeting/engagement.

Regarding movies, yes I watch sometimes when I go for shopping, last movie I watched was Tiger Zinda hai(alone) .

Regarding calling my 2–3 friends , 1 has gone to onshore, one if I message , she replies and then conversation ends, other one has gone married. So I have drifted away from all 3 . Moreover it was not a group. I knew 3 of them separately. I have this fear of disturbing somebody , I think if they don’t want to talk to me and I am just burdening them. So I think I have not called anybody first except for birthdays. So it’s not their fault , if I am not calling at all, how can I expect them to be in touch with me.

Regarding parties, I don’t like crowded places, wherever it’s more than 4–5 persons , I want to run from there.

Thanks whosoever has read this. And thanks to everyone who has upvoted this, . I have just written , what I would have told my diary(if any).

A huge thank you to folks who are commenting, it’s making me introspect, analyse and making me happy/thinking.


Thank You!